I write songs and play guitar and piano for a band called Love Axe. We recently released our newest LP, titled South Dakota, on New Granada Records to some really positive reviews:

"A collection of hook-laden tracks that could inspire melodic envy in the likes of Sloan and Fountains Of Wayne." - The AV Club

"A new album brimming with a slideshow of pop-edged indie rock that's far from workmanlike...  It's major label production on an indie budget, that's virtually void of trend worship and hype. In its place, the band treads on earnestness, swooning dynamics and crack songcraft. The guitars crunch in all the right places, the harmonies kick in quick, raising the hair on the back of your neck and the hooks stick in your brain for days; couldn't ask for very much more." - Raven Sings The Blues

"With Material Issue, Jellyfish and Superdrag all relegated to the gone, but not forgotten pile, the world was growing impatient waiting for the next great thinking person’s pop band to show up. With their sophomore effort, the wildly impressive ‘South Dakota,’ Love Axe has finally arrived to fill the void." - Neu Future Magazine

Check it out here!

Here are some of my favorite recordings from the past couple of years (all instruments performed by myself except percussion and where noted):

I also used to play keyboards and write songs for Michigan's Those Transatlantics. Our debut album, titled Knocked Out, received lots of praise and was even featured by National Public Radio.  I played piano and keyboards on everything here, and The Other Cheek and Where Have You Gone? are my compositions. I also arranged the music and wrote the lyrics for Boys & Children and I, Avalanche.