Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A.
christopher.hatfield [at] gmail.com

Christopher Hatfield is a composer, songwriter and sound designer based in Los Angeles, California. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he incorporates a diverse array of techniques and approaches to writing and performing. Chris has a unique ability to bring a trained ear and analytical component to a situation and provide professional opinions while being able to remain creatively inspired and innovative.

Hatfield's output includes work for television and film, commercials, symphonic and chamber ensembles, electronic media, orchestral arrangements, and numerous albums as songwriter and performer.  He can be found touring nationally with his band Love Axe, whose newest album, South Dakota, was praised by The AVClub as "a collection of hook-laden tracks that could inspire melodic envy in the likes of Sloan and Fountains Of Wayne.”  



Master of Music in Composition, Central Michigan University, 2008
Concentration in electronic and symphonic music

Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory, Central Michigan University, 2004
Concentration in electronic and chamber music

Selected Works as Composer & Performer

2016 - Amateurs, Television Pilot (dir. Jasmine Chiong)

2016 - Bounce, Short Film (dir. Courtenay Johnson)

2015 - Winter Break Worship Party, Short Film (dir. Andrew Lewis)

2015 - Love Axe, South Dakota LP, New Granada Records

2012 - Love Axe, Phenomenomenons LP, Suburban Sprawl Music

2011 - Jim Cooper's Legacy, Documentary Short, Produced by the United States Veterans Administration & Stanford University

2011 - Arts & Humanities, Short Film, Produced by The US Department of State & Stanford University

2011 - Send It Back, Short Film, Directed by Scott Allen

2008 - Rotation 1-4, electronic media, Masters thesis project Electronically generated and sample-based composition and performance

2008 - The Glath Houthe, percussion ensemble

2008 - Double Path, symphony orchestra

2007 - Blues for Alice, jazz arrangement, big band

2007 - Daydream for Winds, wind ensemble

2007 - Jordu, jazz arrangement, combo

2006 - Piano Duet no. 1, two pianos.

2006 - Sonnet no. 1, mezzo-soprano and piano

2006 - Those Transatlantics – Knocked Out LP, Suburban Sprawl Music

2004 - YRR05 3R3W, electronic media

2004 - P3OPL3, electronic media

2004 - Those Transatlantics, You're Seated In The Back EP

2004 - String Quartet No. 1, string quartet

2004 - Rumination on the Abrupt Shortcomings of the Vinyl Medium, piano and vibraphone

2004 - Army/Navy, Army/Navy LP

2003 - Diferencias, solo flute

2003 - Furcht, piano and clarinet

2003 - Army/Navy, Everyrhing Will Meet EP, Suburban Sprawl Music